Proof That Superheroes Are Mainstream
March 1, 2010

I was watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl, starring Billie Piper (the first new Doctor’s main squeeze) as Belle, a high-priced London hooker and now writer.

The most recent episode, the fifth of season three, had an interesting exchange between Bambi, another call girl Belle has been mentoring, and her new flame, Byron. Byron, a spoiled rich boy, first hired Bambi two weeks ago, and now the two are getting married. Belle doesn’t believe prostitutes can have boyfriends, so she points out, rather rudely, that he doesn’t even know her favorite color. Later, Bambi and Byron are shown sitting on her bed asking each other questions: favorite pudding (dessert), cartoon, etc. The scene ends with him asking her “favorite superhero? and you can’t say me.” After he says “Silver Surfer”, she responds “Wolverine”, and he jumps on her with a growling noise.

I was struck by how that topic was lumped in with everything else, not as anything particularly nerdy, but just something funny to know about a person you’re interested in. Although I halfway expected her to say “Wonder Woman” instead.

Speaking of which, that hero got a mention in the latest issue of the woman’s magazine Marie Claire. In their Books/TV recommendation section, a banner running across the page recommends the upcoming Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia by Phil Jimenez and John Wells.

4 Responses  
Thad writes:  

I remember “Who’s your favorite superhero?” as a getting-to-know-each-other question at theatre camp when I was in high school.

Of course, almost everyone said Batman.

And when I said Madman, nobody knew who that was.

Johanna writes:  

Oh, well, theater people are special. :) Seriously, I’d never heard that before in the typical situations — but maybe that’s cause I’m an older generation.

Byron writes:  


Your brother, shall we say P-Diddy (and my college roommate), turned me on to your site last month, but I haven’t had a chance to respond. Love the site.

Then I see this comment. How funny. I saw a bit of this show the other night, and this character walks up to someone and says:

“I’m Byron…How the F@ck are you?”

I immediately decided to use that as my opening line in any business meeting going forward…

Can I choose Jesse from Preacher as my favorite Supe?

Johanna writes:  

Hey, Byron, thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked the place. Heh, I didn’t notice the name thing immediately either.


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