Coming Up: Manga Due in May 2010

Brodys Ghost cover
Brody’s Ghost
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Mark Crilley returns with Brody’s Ghost (Dark Horse, MAR10 0018, $6.99), a short (96 pages) manga, part one of six. Brody is going to learn from a samurai how to unlock his powers, aided by a ghost girl. I’m glad to see Crilley continuing with new projects, but after being disappointed by Miki Falls, I wish there was some way we could get more Akiko. I miss it a lot. Whatever happened to publisher Siruis Entertainment, anyway?

A new volume of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service is something to look foward to. Book 11 (Dark Horse, MAR10 0089, $10.99) is due out at the end of July and promises a long story about a murderous schoolgirl.

Korea as Viewed by 12 Creators cover
Korea as Viewed by 12 Creators
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Nadeshiko Club (DC / CMX, MAR10 0319, $9.99) sounds like the love child of Otomen and Ouran High School Host Club. A girl, to catch a boy, decides to learn what they now call “domestic science” (home ec), only to find that a bunch of guys have taken over the club. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by many of CMX’s recent releases, so I expect this to be amusing as well.

Del Rey Manga is bringing the second volume of Moyasimon (MAR10 0898, $10.99) out in May. I got my fill of the college boys who can see germs in the first book, I think, but I know many enjoyed the humor and adorably biological art and have been anticipating this.

Neko Ramen cover
Neko Ramen
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Fanfare / PonentMon doesn’t release books casually or frequently, but their production value is such that their manga is worth waiting for. Their 2006 anthology Japan as Viewed by 17 Creators (available for reorder, MAR10 0946, $25) now has a followup, Korea as Viewed by 12 Creators (MAR10 0945, $19.95, originally planned for December 2008). Six European creators and six Korean comic makers contribute stories to present a picture of the title country. The results, if the previous book is anything to judge by, will be insightful and diverse.

This month, Tokyopop launches Neko Ramen, a manga about a cat that runs a noodle shop, told in a collection of four-panel (4-koma) strips. I think that sums it all up — if you’re tickled by the concept, this is for you. You can subscribe to get strips mailed to you or browse their website for more samples, plenty of “try before you buy”.

Afterschool Charisma Book 1 cover
Afterschool Charisma Book 1
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The Viz Signature line of intriguing manga aiming beyond the typical teen audience continues with a new launch, Afterschool Charisma (MAR10 1174, $12.99), one of their SigIKKI online series. All of the students at this particularly odd school are clones of famous people, so the adolescent struggle to find oneself takes on a unique twist. Also out from the Signature line (my favorite manga imprint) are new volumes of 20th Century Boys (Book 9, MAR10 1176, $12.99) and Children of the Sea (Book 3, MAR10 1175, $14.99).

If you love food manga (such as Oishinbo) but think they need more adventure, then Toriko is for you. It’s the story of a Gourmet Hunter who fights to find delicious food. “Eat or be eaten” is the tagline, which sounds a little macho for me, but it could be fun!

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