Where I’ll Be at C2E2

I’ve just made my plans to be at C2E2, the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo held April 16-18.

If you want to say hi, the most definite place to find me will be at the Old Media, New Media, Comics Media panel, scheduled for Friday night at 7:45 PM, since I will be appearing on the panel. Unfortunately, we’re up against the Doctor Who episode premiere. But come see us anyway! Maybe we’ll say outrageous things.

My timing with panels is notoriously bad, though — I was also supposed to be on the “Marketing Comics to Women and Minorities” panel, but once it got scheduled for 4:15 on Sunday, the last timeslot of the show programming, I had to bow out, since that conflicted with my travel plans. With 26 pages (!) of panels and events, I know they had a tough job balancing everything out. Should be plenty to do!

Are you going to C2E2? Will I see you there?

6 Responses to “Where I’ll Be at C2E2”

  1. politescott Says:

    I’ll be there, taking the whole family for a mini-vacation (though, admittedly, the wife and kids will probably spend more time at Shedd Aquarium than the con).

    I’m supposed to be giving a talk at the “Comic Studies Conference” part of the show — and they’re still working out the schedule for that now, so who knows when I’ll actually be speaking.

  2. Steve Wallace Says:

    I’ll be there. Wondering around and working the Reading with Pictures booth. I think I’m on one of their panels as well.

  3. Anthony Says:

    I’ll be there (helps that Chicago’s near Milwaukee). This’ll be my first time at a big comics show, so this should be an interesting experience. Look forward to seeing a lot of the panels (and the bloggers, writers, artists and voice actors in person)!

  4. Matthew J. Brady Says:

    I should be there, so I’ll try to make it to your panel, at least. I haven’t even looked at the schedule, so I don’t know what else to plan for…

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