Ghost Whisperer Features Graphic Novelist
April 1, 2010

Set the TiVo! On Friday, April 2, at 8 PM Eastern time, the CBS show Ghost Whisperer will feature a story about a graphic novelist.

The plot is described as “A graphic novelist’s livelihood — and life — are threatened when a vengeful ghost takes over his pen, using it to predict violent events that start to come true.” (Too bad we couldn’t get a female artist, hunh?) There’s a short video promo on YouTube.

In the episode, a successful cartoonist (Eddie Shin, who’s also done guest spots on Castle and Gilmore Girls) is visiting the Ghost Whisperer (Jennifer Love Hewitt)’s town for a book signing for his latest graphic novel. The episode title, “On Thin Ice”, describes how the ghost is using ice-related threats against the artist. Margaret Cho guest stars as a comic expert. She and co-producer/writer Melissa Blake talk about the episode in video at the CBS site.

The art was created by Gabriel Hardman (Agents of Atlas). He talked to Comics on Comics Radio about his work for the show, how it came about, working on likenesses and such. Below are a few examples of the images he drew for the show.

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