Mouse Guard Spins off Legends of the Guard

What do you do when your book is popular and there’s demand for more but you can’t fulfill it yourself? You ask your friends to help.

David Petersen has created two Mouse Guard series collections so far: Fall 1152 (released in 2007) and Winter 1152 (2009). While we patiently wait for the next volume, publisher Archaia Comics has announced Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard, a spinoff anthology miniseries in which other artists tell stories of the warrior mice.

Legends of the Guard #1 coverPage by David Petersen

Issue #1 ($3.50 for 24 color pages, due out in May) will include stories by Jeremy Bastian (Cursed Pirate Girl), Alex Shiekman (Robotika), and Ted Naifeh (Courtney Crumrin). The connecting conceit is that Guard Mice at a tavern are telling tales to outdo one another. David Petersen will write and illustrate those bridging sequences.

Page by Alex SheikmanPage by Ted Naifeh

Gene Ha will contribute to issue #2, and Mark Smylie (Publisher of Archaia) has a story in #4. Meanwhile, David Petersen will contribute a new 11-page Mouse Guard story to Archaia’s Free Comic Book Day issue, a flipbook with Fraggle Rock. Look for that at your favorite participating comic shop on May 1. The next Mouse Guard series is the six-issue Black Axe, launching in September. That’s a flashback/preview tale, set before the time of the other books. Legends of the Guard can be pre-ordered now from your local comic store with the Previews code MAR10 0699.

2 Responses to “Mouse Guard Spins off Legends of the Guard”

  1. Drew Thomas Says:

    I’m very excited for this! Kids at my library keep asking for more Mouse Guard.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Does your library purchase individual issues? Wish mine did!




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