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I can’t be the only one suspicious over how Marvel is handling their acquisition of Miracleman, now renamed Marvelman, can I? They refuse to say anything about the stories everyone really wants to see, those by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, but they’re promoing 50s reprints no one cares about as “coming soon”. If I had that problem (and no ethics), I’d stay silent, leaving everyone to speculate and assume, while pushing the heck out of the material I had. I just wonder how big the backlash is going to be if Marvel sells the old stories and then says “sorry, we couldn’t work out the legal on the rest”.

   Namora #1

Wow, Ramona Fradon is still getting work! You go, lady! Sure, it’s only an alternate cover on Namora #1 (APR10 0506, $3.99), but at least you can order it separately, so you can be sure of getting it instead of playing 1-in-X variant games.

A sign of lack of faith in a product: offering all the issues of a miniseries at once, so no one can get a look at the comic before having to commit to buy it all. Heralds #1-5 (APR10 0507, 0509-0512, $2.99 each) by Kathryn Immonen and Tonci Zonjic are all offered this month. On the other hand, it’s one of those “team up all the women” stories that I’m fond of for nostalgic reasons, even if they do show just how unbalanced most superhero universes are. (No one ever points out how many “team up all the men” stories there are — those are just considered events.)

How long is it until we have an Avengers movie? Because that’s the only reason I can think of for five new Avengers titles. I’d be interested in reading a good superhero team book (without some big event — which do you recommend?) but introducing so many at once just makes me think “maybe I’ll try them some other time.”

Well, that’s weird. The big launch last month, Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine, isn’t offered this month. Wouldn’t it have been helpful to know it was bimonthly at the launch? Or is Adam Kubert running late already?

Young Allies #1

Hey, maybe this is the team book I’m looking for. Young Allies #1 (APR10 0618, $3.99) has forgotten (mostly by readers), tormented heroes Gravity, Arana, Nomad, Toro, and Firestar written by Sean McKeever. I don’t know Toro, but I like at least the idea of the rest of them, and McKeever does teen angst well. And you know, a second-generation villain team called the Bastards of Evil is some kind of genius (as well as excellent indication of how lose standards on acceptable language have become).

Trying to make a girl look sexy in blocky Minimates form is demented. It looks like she’s standing in front of a portable wall.

9 Responses to “Coming Up: Marvel Comics Due June 2010”

  1. Caroline Says:

    There *is* supposed to be an Avengers movie — in 2012, maybe? — but the 5 Avengers titles thing isn’t that odd. There are already 4 Avengers titles that I can think of (and I may be omitting one), so it’s really just re-numbering and a bit of reorganizing of books that already exist (it’s not even a fullscale renaming, because New Avengers will still be New Avengers), in the wake of the year’s big event. It’s similar to what DC did last year when they ‘cancelled’ most of the Batman related books, then launched a lot of new ones.

    I guess the idea is to create new ‘jumping-on’ points, but it’s hard to know whether or not to recommend the books two months out, you know? If you are looking for one to start from the beginning, ‘Young Allies’ seems like a good bet, if you’re willing to accept the risk it might get cancelled after 5 issues, which is a thing Marvel’s been doing a lot. I also think the new Hawkeye/Mockingbird book that Jim McCann is going to be writing could be a good bet.

  2. Ralf Haring Says:

    I would cynically guess the Marvelman stuff is to establish precedents so that when they get to the litigious stuff they can point back and say “we’ve been doing this forever, why didn’t you object then?”

    I’ve been kinda blasé about the Avengers books since Bendis took over, and it’s been a while since I really followed anything in single issues so I thought I might give some of them a shot. Brubaker is writing one which is a good pedigree, but even Bendis’ at least have Romita and Immonen as artists.

    Good superhero team book … hmmm … X-Factor?

  3. James Schee Says:

    Wow Young Allies has a weird membership. Firestar who was a character first created by a cartoon series. Arana was a big push character under Jemas I think. Nomad is the female Bucky that’s crossed over from the Captain America book when Liefeld was drawing it.

    Toro is a new on for me…. the android Human Torch’s sidekick ad that name. Yet this one looks pretty different from him.

  4. Caroline Says:

    Nomad had her own miniseries, recently, by Sean McKeever and — I’m not sure of the artist, but it was a lovely series and really a great self-contained story. Marvel’s done so little with solo heroines, much less young ones, that it really stood out. There’s a TPB available in the smaller format that Marvel’s been experimenting with:

    I’d really recommend this to anybody, but particularly young readers (either gender) who might have some interest in Captain America. It takes some of the themes that you see a lot of in Cap comics and makes them work in a high school setting.

  5. Johanna Says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize she had a mini. I’ll have to look for that collection. And James, I have no idea who Toro is, either, but apparently there’s something about illegal immigration in his backstory. Anyone heard of him before?

    Ralf, I gave up on X-Factor when it started playing into the crossovers and David was being all “don’t talk about this online!” Fascinating speculation about Marvel’s Man strategy. (I can’t say Marvel’s Marvelman, too redundant.)

    Caroline, thanks for cluing me in on the Avengers. I’d forgotten they were coming out of an event (but then, when aren’t they?).

  6. Ralf Haring Says:

    Looks like Toro is the same character as from but the “normal” Earth version.

  7. Johanna Says:

    Oh, cool, thanks for doing the research. I’m assuming that everyone will be reintroduced in the new series.

  8. Bill D. Says:

    I wasn’t too interested in Heralds until I saw that the creative team was Kathryn Immonen and Tonci Zonjic. Given that the two of them helped to make Hellcat one of my favorite Marvel characters of all in the space of a year(Immonen as writer on Patsy’s mini-series, Zonjic as artist on Marvel Divas) – and I used to think Hellcat was all kinds of lame – I pay attention to whatever either of them is doing now. And they’re working together? Yeah, I’m gonna have to check this out.

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