Coming Up: Manga Due June 2010 (or Later)

Nyankoi Book 1 cover
Nyankoi Book 1
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Nyankoi (CMX, APR10 0292, $9.99, due out July) is yet another cat manga, but this one’s set apart by it’s “working out a curse” and shape-shifting elements. A boy hates cats, but he turns into one and has to do 100 good deeds for other felines to be released. And of course, there’s a romantic silver lining, since the girl he has a crush on loves cats, so his animal form allows him to get closer and learn more about her. It sounds a bit like Tuxedo Gin, only with fur instead of flippers. And of course, manga animals = always cute.

Chi Sweet Home Book 1 cover
Chi’s Sweet Home Book 1
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Now this cat manga is more my style. Chi’s Sweet Home (APR10 1112, Vertical, $12.95) is the story of a lost kitten and her family. Forget the fantasy aspects; this story has more down-to-earth concerns, like living in a building that bans pets.

Nana Book 21 cover
Nana Book 21
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It seems like forever since we’ve had a new volume of Nana. With the increasing prominence of Viz’s signature line, this shojo/josei series is no longer getting the attention it used to (and the length probably doesn’t help), but it’s still an immensely affecting and engrossing rock’n’roll soap opera.

Wow, that’s remarkably light for a month. Maybe it’s a good time to reread some favorites.

3 Responses to “Coming Up: Manga Due June 2010 (or Later)”

  1. Greg McElhatton Says:

    In the case of Nana, this is also going to be the last volume for a while; we’ve caught up with the Japanese publication, and Ai Yazawa has temporarily suspended the strip due to illness that she’s still recovering from.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I was having such a good day, and then you had to spoil it! Thanks for keeping me updated, though.

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