Iron Man 2: Stark Expo
April 8, 2010

To promote the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie, out May 7, Marvel has created the Stark Expo 2010 site (warning: plays music). In the world of the film, Tony Stark’s father originally started the Expo as a way to demonstrate “better living through technology”. Now, Tony is relaunching the event to “explore the technological wonders that will enhance lives everywhere.”


I like this approach. We’ve lost the magic of world fairs as ways to bring people together, and it’s a wonderful story point to set this up in contrast to weapons technology, which tear the world apart. I also love the faux Exposition logos from previous decades. Apparently something happened in 1974 to prevent further expositions from taking place; we’ll find out what in the movie.

One of the Stark Industries subsidiaries is Accutech, which has its own website, including this video release:

Note from the top tabs, that this viewer will have upcoming content from other companies Cordco and Fujikawa.

Update: And if you want spoilers based on the movie’s novelization, 4thletter has them.

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