Greg Pak Writes/Directs Superhero Movie Short

Greg Pak (The Incredible Hercules, Warlock) has made available on YouTube “Super Power Blues“, a short film he wrote and directed in 2005 about a superheroine (Super Power Go Girl) who has a hard time balancing her work with her love life. You can also hear him as the newscaster, although the main dialogue is subtitled in English. (I think they’re speaking Japanese?)

5 Responses to “Greg Pak Writes/Directs Superhero Movie Short”

  1. William George Says:

    (I think they’re speaking Japanese?)


  2. William George Says:

    Ah, HTML fail!

  3. Lynn Says:

    I’m curious about the “although inspired by a true incident…” in the credits.

    I hope that’s just a Fargo dramatic effect and not a reference to the actual crime.

  4. Cody Says:

    @Lynn: I think it was for dramatic effect a la Fargo… if not, it’d be a really warped premise for a short film.

  5. filmbeats Says:

    Yeah they’re speaking Japanese. I found it odd how she would shout at the upstairs neighbour in Japanese (like they would understand).




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