Manga Out Loud: My First Podcast

I just participated in my first podcast! Ed invited me to join him on Manga Out Loud to discuss Pluto now that it’s concluded. We had a great time!

We talked so much that the podcast will be posted in two pieces. Part 1 is up now, with part two to follow Wednesday or so. Like Ed, I have to apologize for not knowing how to pronounce a variety of names. I think we said Gesicht four or five different ways, but you’ll know who we’re talking about.

I want to do more, so we’re looking for ideas on what manga series we should talk about next. Feel free to leave comments here or there.

Update: (4/12/10) I forgot to mention a couple of highlights: we discuss gender issues in Urasawa’s works and make some Superman comparisons, just in case you wanted to know more about our conversation.


  1. LOL wild, I’d actually forgotten your hard to place accent Johanna after all this time! Just listened to it for a few minutes, since I have not read any of Pluto yet.:)

  2. We were planning to start the whole thing really Southern, but we just started talking instead. I think that would have freaked some people out.

  3. LOL I do delcare that that would have been funny.;)

    I enjoyed the comparison of you to Perry white, and KC to Lex Luthor. Ed would be more Ron Troupe than Jimmy to me though.

  4. Oh, good suggestion. I admit, I’m not always up on the second-tier Superman supporting cast. I just knew he wasn’t Cat Grant. :)

  5. True, and he’s too nice of a guy to be Steve Lombard.:)

  6. Though you know, with Ed’s strong love of cats….. lol I did finally listen to the entire thing since it’ll be a while before I get to Pluto. It was an interesting conversation, I don’t do podcasts much because they tend to go on too long or have grating voices. This one was the right length and the voices sound kept it interesting.

  7. Thanks. I was surprised that I enjoyed listening to it afterwards. (I wanted to see how it sounded since I’d never done this before.)

  8. I give all the credit to Johanna. I loved listening to it again as I was editing it. Should have asked Johanna to follow up on her thoughts about the loss of fathers being such a large motivation. It was a brilliant insight that I missed. I’ll keep trying to do better. And there was the brilliant insight about couples and children. And the brilliant insight about righteous hatred vs destructive hatred. And the brilliant insight….

  9. Stop it, Ed, I’m blushing. The father loss thing struck me because it reminded me of the usual superhero motivation. All the classic heroes had missing fathers, often for traumatic reasons, and superheroes often appeal to readers in similar situations (where Batman or Superman becomes a substitute, perhaps?).

    We wouldn’t have had such great discussion without your questions and research to start with.

  10. Maybe y’all should do a CWR podcast? Pick a topic or story in the comicsphere and do 30 minutes or so discussing it. (monthly perhaps?)

  11. We definitely want to do more — we’re talking about what, specifically, and when now.

  12. James,

    You’re predictive powers are on fire. I was shocked when I read your post. I would recommend you get a lottery ticket, sir. When you win, remember us kindly.

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  14. A new volume of Yotsuba&! is coming out soonish, isn’t it? Might be a good series to do.

  15. Out yesterday/today, in fact. That’s top of our list!

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