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David Welsh points out a really neat NY Times article about gay men who have occasional parties where they dress up like superheroes. Good for them! There are some wonderful comparisons quoted between growing up gay and growing up geeky. For example, Bob Schreck says, “The straight wimpy kid is a straight wimpy kid. The gay wimpy kid is in real trouble.” I fear a backlash to these images among a certain section of fandom, but I haven’t seen it yet.

Welsh also has a lovely post on what Kodansha manga titles he hopes make it to the U.S. I don’t normally play the “what would you like to see translated?” game because I know so little about what manga is available in its native country, but I would love to see the last three on his list, especially, since they sound fantastic.

Sean Kleefeld points us to an astounding example of economic transparency, as Dorothy Gambrell, author of Cat and Girl, releases her income figures. I was very surprised to see no mention of advertising income, but a quick glance at the website shows no ads run. I don’t follow the strip, so I don’t know if she’s commented on this before, but I would love to know more about that choice, since it’s so much counter to most webcomics.

And here’s the latest proof that Americans are crazy: coffee made from poop is a delicacy that goes for over $200 a pound.

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