Free Illegal Manga on Android

Brigid Alverson has a post at Robot6 about Apple iPhone apps that link to illegal manga scan sites. Apple is restrictive about its app store, so if publishers complain, as has apparently happened here, the app can be removed. But what about Android? There’s no central authority there approving material in the Android Market. Which may be why a quick search turned up free apps Manga Viewer ($2.99 for an ad-free version), Manga Browser, and OneManga, all of which present content from Badly, based on a quick perusal — they just throw up the images, and you have to scroll around the pages.

Also, MangaStream links to the alternate piracy site of the same name. And Droid Comic Viewer lets you load whatever CBR files you like onto your SD card. They have a manga (right-to-left) setting, even. However, more common than any of the above were quick-and-dirty apps presenting single manga titles or issues I’d never heard of. And weirdly, expensive versions of Action Philosophers issues.

Android users do have one way to give feedback. After installing and then uninstalling an app, you’re asked why you removed it. You can choose “It’s defective” or “It’s malicious” and give a reason, although I have no idea who looks at these comments or how often.

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