Mushishi MMF: Today’s Updates (April 26)

We’ve just announced the Mushishi Manga Moveable Feast, and already we have entries:

Lori Henderson at Manga Xanadu reviewed volume 1 and found it a

… very well written series. … The mushi are very diverse and interesting, though at times, their expulsion can be a little disturbing. … The art is drawn realistically, with none of the manga trappings. No one makes goofy faces or goes chibi. It’s an understated style without a lot of detail. Like the stories, it is simple and straightforward, and at times rather dark. … Brains are more important than brawn, and at times it can be rather contemplative. It’s a great change of pace.

Kate the Manga Critic says she’ll be sitting out, because her opinion of the series has changed. She now finds the storytelling “stiff” with a “clumsy script and the aimless narrative.” (Since we’re including her link anyway, I hope I’m not contradicting her intent.)

Jason Yadao sent a link to his series review posted last year at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. It covers both the anime and manga.

The anime at its core is the manga brought to life, without any gimmicks or deviations in the story. Animation and sound, however, add depth to the stories, fleshing out the environment with quiet voices and a background soundtrack that remains largely silent, punctuated only by the sounds of cicadas and birds chirping and the occasional soft music piece. It’s a peaceful experience, one worth seeing for anyone interested in the spiritual, traditional aspects of Japan.

And thanks to the Manga Curmudgeon and Manga Bookshelf for mentioning the MMF.

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