Win Hope Larson’s Mercury

I have found myself with an extra copy of Hope Larson’s new graphic novel Mercury (the paperback version). So I’m going to give it to one lucky reader — it’s such a good read, I want to share it.

To commemorate the quicksilver of the title, post a comment here saying what your favorite metal is and why. The winner will be selected by random number draw and announced at 4 PM East Coast time on Friday, April 30.

(U.S. entries only, please. Winner will be emailed for their physical mailing address, so please leave a valid email address with your comment. It won’t be used for any other purpose. If email is not answered or a valid email address is not provided, a replacement winner will be selected.)

39 Responses to “Win Hope Larson’s Mercury”

  1. SKleefeld Says:

    Molybdenum — I could note it’s high melting point or it’s relative strength compared to it’s density. But to be perfectly honest, I just like it because it’s atomic weight is 42. :)

  2. Niki Smith Says:

    Copper. I love the effect of a blue/green patina.

  3. Chris Says:

    Silver — because it’s a great material to make a surfer out of? I dunno, that joke wasn’t that good. I do like silver.

  4. neil kleid Says:

    I have two: Tin, because the poor guy gets picked on by the other Metal Men. And death metal. Because it rocks \m/

    – Kleid

  5. Joe P Says:

    I like silver as well. More for the symbolism in Gingaku-ji Zen temple in Kyoto Japan. Gin meaning silver in Japanese.

  6. lelangir Says:

    Iridium, since it is more prevalent in celestial bodies and spread out through the K-T boundary throughout the world – it was a leading clue in the hypothesis that dinosaurs were wiped out by a big asteriod.

  7. Katie Says:

    Iron. It keeps the fairies at bay.

  8. Caporushes Says:

    Rose gold. I really just like the color of it, mostly.

  9. Mike Joffe Says:

    the best metal is and will always be Ytterbium (Yb). It’s valuable, fun to say and most importantly produces the gamma radiation our nation so desperately requires.

  10. SKFK Says:

    Aluminum. I like the fact that it’s almost impossible to be found in nature in its purest form, because it reacts so readily with oxygen.

  11. Ann Says:

    Titanium. It’s holding my leg together.

  12. Francene Says:

    I like titanium also. It keeps my glasses frames light and strong and makes great bike frames.

  13. Daniella Orihuela-Gruber Says:

    I rather like silver because I’m a jewelry person. Everyone else likes gold because it’s more valuable, but I find silver jewelry to be much more flexible and much more elegant. I can have beautiful big-night-out silver jewelry AND fun every-day silver jewelry! That’s just awesome.

  14. pboers Says:

    As a vegan, iron is the metal I spend the most time thinking about. Getting enough of it in my diet can be a challenge.

  15. James Schee Says:

    I like silver, it is nicer to look at then gold which is gaudy. Plus it is the name of the greatest horse of all time!:)

  16. J. Kevin Carrier Says:

    Bronze – it’s the Age of comics I grew up in, plus it’s what Doc Savage is The Man Of. Can’t beat that.

  17. Scott Says:

    This is a tough question for a geologist growing up in the Silver and Bronze age of comics and also nursing an iron deficiency…

    Purely self-interested reasons will tip my choice to iron since I need it to keep from feeling perpetually rundown.

  18. Shannon Smith Says:

    Black Sabbath. The godfathers of metal.

  19. Santiago Casares Says:

    Copper. I love how it changes color with time (and humidity!).

  20. David Oakes Says:

    Damn, Shannon took my entry. Good thing I already have a copy. (A copy I got at SDCC by dropping your name. So I am already a winner! Thanks.)

  21. J. L. Grillo Says:

    Japanese Okonomiyaki – Because some of the best nights I spent in Kyoto with my college friends was in an Okonomiyaki Bar called the Dojo.

  22. Abraham Says:

    Bronze, because I am less likely to die if I get stabbed by it instead of iron or steel.

  23. Stan Hosmer Says:

    well, I grew up in the Bronze Age of comics, but learned to read thanks to hand me down Golden Age Dell Comics, which later became Gold Key, and being a huge music fan it’s tempting to say Led Zeppein…but my favorite metal would have to be titanium due it’s strength and aerospace uses. That, plus Paul McCartney wrote a really fun song called “Magneto and Titanium Man”

  24. Sarah Says:

    I wish I could come up with a more creative answer to this, but I’m gonna go with gold because I have these gold sneakers that please me very much whenever I look at them.

  25. Hooper Triplett Says:

    Oooooh. Which of the Elements of Doom is my favorite? I’ll go with Hafnium.

  26. Jenna Says:

    I like copper, because it turns that lovely green color when it oxidizes.

  27. Phillip Says:

    I like Aluminum because of all the metals it has the best variance in pronunciation between the U.S. version and the British version.

  28. Rob Says:

    I’ll go off the board and pick niobium–it’s a useful superconducting metal, used to power high-strength electromagnets in things like MRI machines and particle accelerators. And it turns a real pretty peach color when it oxidizes.

  29. Larry Says:

    I have to go with Iron, since it is the first metal I learned the atomic symbol for – thanks to the Legion of Super Heroes’ Ferro Lad.

  30. Marc sobel Says:

    I’m going with Einsteinium. Not only does it have the best namesake, but its atomic number is 99, it is the rarest of all metals (none exists in nature) and also the most deadly.

  31. Pitzer Says:

    I’ll go with PMS 8021… the metallic ink we used in Project: Telstar!

  32. Joey Gee Says:

    Copper is a winner for me. I miss when pennies were made of the delightful metal and it makes tiny rainbows when heated sometimes. Can’t beat that with a stick! Go copper!

  33. Lorena Says:

    I’d have to say gold — my family has always given me gold jewelry since I was a child. There’s just something classic about it and I pretty much associate it with the women in my life, like my grandmother and my mom.

  34. Mbellamy Says:

    My favorite metal is Bismuth. Originally I wanted to come up with a fan character for a series and the theme was metal plus an animal so I wanted a rare one. Bismuth is almost rainbow in color and only twice as common as gold.

  35. Damian Says:

    My favorite metal is in the P.O.S. rap lyric “Between the kegs and the Mega we got about as much heavy metal as we’re gonna need.”

  36. Matt Kramer Says:

    Mercury! According to the Metal Men, it’s the only metal that’s a liquid at room temperature. Plus it makes people crrrrrraaaaaazy!

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  38. hardtravelinghero Says:

    My favorite metal is copper because it’s kept me warm in the winter.

  39. Angelica Says:

    I’d say Germanium just because I remember is was one of the hardest metals to identify on a geology midterm.




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