KC Tells How to Behave at Cons

In his latest Westfield column, KC provides some dos and don’ts for attending conventions and meeting artists. Lots of great pieces of advice there! What’s your convention behavior recommendation? Tell us stories!

2 Responses to “KC Tells How to Behave at Cons”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Hah good stuff! I haven’t been to a con in such a long time, but found myself nodding at so much of it. One thing I probably would add, and it certainly made my last couple of cons more fun.

    Is that if you are coming from far away it may be a good idea to get in a day early to sort of rest and adjust. (especially to time zone changes)

    BTW the Kang thing? Hmm… you know Kang does wear a lot of purple and green, Johanna wears (wore? its been a while) lots of purple and green….

  2. Johanna Says:

    Yeah, yeah, I did wear purple and green today, but it was lavender and sage. I was so pleasantly surprised and flattered by KC’s comment, except for the whole comparison to a supervillain thing. :)

    That’s an excellent piece of advice, about the travel.




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