Mushishi MMF: Today’s Updates (April 27)

Presenting today’s new entries in the Mushishi Manga Moveable Feast.

Sean Gaffney ponders how he enjoys the series for its “relaxed, ambling pace that is suited to the scenic, watercolor art,” and yet he doesn’t feel a need to reread it or engage in related fandom activities.

Rob McMonigal of Panel Patter, on the other hand, is working his way through the series book by book, with reviews of Volume 1 and Volume 2 posted so far. In his comments on book one, he sums up the appeal of the title as

This is the kind of horror story that you don’t see a lot of. It’s not psychological horror–within context, the mushi are all very real–and it’s not graphic. The terror of mushi lies more in the idea that it seems to have a rational explanation, and yet the cause can only be cured by those who know the supernatural secrets the mushi control. No one can believe that it’s happening, and that only makes the situation worse.

He also makes an observant comparison between the protagonist of Mushishi and John Constantine, Hellblazer. With book two, he’s still enjoying the series, but he points out this flaw:

Though I do like Mushishi, it does have a bad habit of starting the volumes with the weakest entries. The opening story is the weakest in this trade (again), a pattern that’s rather puzzling to me because there’s nothing in the stories themselves that would be impacted by reorganizing them.

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