Mushishi MMF: Today’s Updates (April 28)

Word is spreading about the Mushishi Manga Moveable Feast, with lots of new entries today.

Tim Maughan covers Volumes 1 & 2, concentrating on mood:

the first thing that strikes you about Mushishi is its incredibly gentle, almost trance-like atmosphere. Although punctuated by occasional acts of violence or -– more likely –- visually disturbing, ‘body-horror’ style exorcisms, the stand alone stories presented in these two volumes all share the same, near hypnotic pacing.

But he goes on to discuss the protagonist in terms of Columbo, an intriguing comparison, as well as Black Jack.

Linda at Animemiz has some short thoughts on the series overall, while Christopher at Doshiyo? looks at the first volume briefly, with some comparisons to other kinds of hauntings.

Evan Krell at Insert Disc looks at the first six books with some lovely art samples and a very personal fan approach. It works quite well as a counterpoint to Tim’s piece, addressing some of the same ideas from very different perspectives.

As a child, I was fascinated with the world of insects, mollusks, and arthropods all around. My books of choice were not picture books; I usually carried large tomes detailing insect species and the like. Even today, I have an insect collection and even breed slugs. Mushishi takes this world of miniature creatures that I love and makes fictional stories around them.

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