Mushishi MMF: Today’s Updates (May 2)

On our last day of the Mushishi Manga Moveable Feast, we have just a few links to finish up.

Michelle Smith at Soliloquy in Blue gives Volume 1 an A-:

Reading Mushishi puts one in a mellow mood, largely because of Urushibara’s atmospheric artwork. … The nature of this series doesn’t lend itself to multi-volume binges, but I look forward to consuming each one calmly and carefully, which seems to be the approach best dictated by the story.

We also have some coverage of Mushishi in other media. Kris at reviews the 26-episode animated series:

The anime covers about half of the stories in the manga (up to volume 5 or 6). FUNimation produced the English dubbing of the show, and it’s excellent. The lovely Travis Willingham (Roy Mustang, Takashi Morinozuka) voices Ginko, and Jennifer Seman is the voice of Nui and the narrator. The animation for the show is really lovely and sets a great tone for the series (though unfortunately the character designs for all but the “main” cast are rather generic). … If you enjoy a more gentle story, or just want a break from the moe and shonen overload, then you should check out Mushi-Shi.

Kris at her own blog Girl G33k also covers the live-action movie, which is also known as Bugmaster.

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