Boom Steers Retailers to Haven Distributors

My, my, what IS up with Diamond these days? Boom! Studios today sent out a press release that said, in part:

Haven Distribution is proud to announce the deepest discount option available to Direct Market retailers for BOOM! Studios and BOOM Kids! titles.

Starting with BOOM!’s July-shipping books, Direct Market retailers will be able to buy the full line of BOOM! products at 50% off cover. Retailers now have another distribution option to receive the entire line of newly-shipping BOOM! Studios and BOOM Kids! titles and receive the best discount on these books available! In addition, BOOM!’s complete backlist of single issues and trade paperbacks will also be available to order from Haven with that same deep discount.

Diamond, the defacto monopoly distributor of the comic industry, is mentioned in the third paragraph, as “Haven Distribution now joins Diamond Comics Distributors in offering the complete line of BOOM! products.” Publishers have complained in the past that they wanted to sell their books more cheaply to retailers, but Diamond wouldn’t agree to raise their discount level. If this works, if retailers are convinced to swing large amounts of business to an alternative, maybe we could again have a comic industry where distributors compete on things like price and service.

Haven announced that they have no reorder penalty for backlist items, making Boom!’s collections cheaper to retailers through Haven than Diamond. Boom!’s full line is available to order at Haven starting today. Haven launched in 2008 out of the remains of Cold Cut.

I’m not sure current readers understand how big a deal it is for a publisher to thumb their nose at what used to be the biggest elephant in the comic industry. Saying “go buy our books elsewhere, they’re cheaper” is amazingly brazen, but this isn’t the first time Boom! has tweaked Diamond, and they’re quite ambitious with their distribution plans.

This shows that people aren’t scared of Diamond any more, and they now have options. If you’re one of the big (now) five, then I’m sure Diamond serves your needs well. But if you’re not, you may get a better deal elsewhere — and if your sales success isn’t exclusively based on the direct market, then others may better suit your plans.

5 Responses to “Boom Steers Retailers to Haven Distributors”

  1. James Schee Says:

    I was shocked to see Boom’s Toy Story collections in Wal-Mart and Target. I guess its because of the upcoming new movie, but its good to see them getting out there. (plan to go back to get it soon, am in between paydays)

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  3. Simon Jones Says:

    It’s not too rare to see publishers point retailers to other distributors, like when Viz plugged AAA Anime and their bookstore distro. But what makes Boom’s PR special is that it allowed a quote from Haven which quite publicly tweaked Diamond about its 3% re-order penalty. Now that’s *brazen*. @_@;

  4. Martin Says:

    @James Schee

    You shouldn’t be to shocked to see Boom comics at retailers such as Wal-Mart because they have a distribution deal with a magazine distributor (who I think also distributes the Archie comics to non-comic shop retailers)

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