Shrinking Violet by Jeff Moy

KC brought me home a present from Free Comic Book Day at Westfield Comics — a sketch card of Shrinking Violet, my favorite Legion of Super-Heroes character, drawn by Jeff Moy. What I like about it most is that she looks like Kate Beckett. Thanks, KC and Jeff!

Shrinking Violet by Jeff Moy

Update: At David’s request, here’s a picture of the present I got KC at Free Comic Book Day: a sketch of Bouncing Boy by Franco, done in the Tiny Titans style. Note the sound effect, just in case you weren’t sure.

Tiny Bouncing Boy by Franco

7 Responses to “Shrinking Violet by Jeff Moy”

  1. Shrinking Violet « Reading Along Says:

    […] <Johanna’s post; about a sketch her husband KC got her of Shrinking Violet from former Legionnaires artist Jeff Moy. Got me thinking of the sketch I’d gotten from him years ago at Heroes Con and why I always loved the character so. […]

  2. Greg McElhatton Says:

    Ooooooooooh. Now that’s a fantastic present!

  3. David Oakes Says:

    Do we have to wait for KC’s Westfield column to see Tiny Bouncing Boy?

  4. Johanna Says:

    Now added!

  5. Ed Sizemore Says:

    I love how cute it is that you both had the same idea for gifts. Now that’s being a couple.

  6. David Oakes Says:

    Aww! He even has a Tiny Flight Ring!

  7. Johanna Says:

    Franco was very specific about putting that in because it was one of the costume elements he remembered for sure. Legion costumes can be tricky, between versions and changes.

    Ed, I think it’s just — what else do you get for a comic fan that you’re sure they don’t have?




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