Warner DVD to Blu-Ray Trade-In Program Drops Prices
May 6, 2010

Just before the holidays at the end of last year, Warner announced the DVD2BLU trade-in program. Now, they’re relaunching the program with lower prices.

Most Blu-rays are $4.95 (with same-title DVD trade), with a limited few at $6.95. (I’m not sure I understand how the higher-priced titles were picked; the newer movies, perhaps? Superman II is $4.95 with Superman Returns at $6.95, for example.) The current special offer is free shipping for a $35 or more order; otherwise, shipping is a flat-rate $4.95 to the continental U.S. or $6.95 to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. (No other regions are applicable.) There are over 90 titles available, but there is a limit of 25 deals per household.

2 Responses  
Matt Kramer writes:  

We own six of the DVDs on that list and I can’t really say I have any desire to upgrade any of them to Blu-Ray. The DVDs look just fine playing on our Blu-Ray player. Well, maybe Blazing Saddles, but that Blu-Ra is always on sale at Best Buy or Target for $9.99, it seems.

MOVIE GUY writes:  

I just traded in 10 HD-DVD for Blu Rays ($59 shipped) total, and I still got to keep the actual HD-DVD’s themselves! (Twilight Zone, Superman New and Old, Superman 2, Happy Feet, Fugitive, Batman Begins, Invasion, Lady in the Water, Oceans 13). Now I will sell the HDDVD copies to make it an even better deal.

Also traded in 5 regular dvds (Dumb&Dumber-unrated, Wedding Singer, Aviator, The Mask, Perfect Storm) for $29 shipped! Do the math, you can’t even buy them used for that, I’ve checked.

Count it, 15 NEW Blurays for 88 Bucks. Show me better.


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