Coming Up: Manga Due July 2010 (or Later)

Hey, my enthusiasm has returned! Maybe ’cause I like this category the best.

Flower in a Storm #2 cover

I enjoyed Four-Eyed Prince enough to look forward to Volume 3 (Del Rey, $10.99, MAY10 0970). It’s awfully silly in concept, but most comic readers will have at least some sympathy for the idea of glasses hiding a second identity.

The Mushishi series completes with an omnibus volume containing volumes 8-10 (Del Rey, $24.99, MAY10 0972).

I found Flower in a Storm amusing and entertaining, so I’ll be there for the concluding Volume 2 (Viz, $9.99, MAY10 1163). I hope Riko realizes that aiming to be “normal” is a poor ambition and chooses a life of adventure with someone whose love for her takes ridiculous expressions.

Otomen is a wildly uneven series for me, but so far, it seems that the odd-numbered volumes are those I like best. Which bodes well for my enjoying Volume 7 (Viz, $9.99, MAY10 1164).

Bakuman #1 cover

The debut manga of the month should be Bakuman (Viz, $9.99, MAY10 1165). It’s by the creators of Death Note, so you know the art will be gorgeous and the story engrossing. And many readers will relate to the story, about aspiring manga creators.

The Viz Signature line continues with new installments for two very well-regarded series: 20th Century Boys Volume 10 and Ooku: The Inner Chambers Volume 4 promise to continue these series’ much-deserved reputations for being the best manga published today.

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