Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love

This breezy Fables spinoff fills a gap, since there aren’t a lot of spy capers in comics. And don’t worry about needing to read the parent series to enjoy it; you don’t. Everything’s explained, and all you need to enjoy this book is an appreciation for women who can take care of themselves.

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From Fabletown With Love
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Cinderella uses her cover as a fashionable, flighty, socialite divorcee to engage in secret missions. In other words, she’s a spy, a female James Bond who, when sent to Dubai, meets her match in Aladdin. They’re after the same thing, but can they trust each other long enough to work together? And will pretending to be a couple turn into something more?

Cindy’s been sent to find out who’s trafficking magical items out of Fabletown now that the gates protecting them are no longer guarded and kept closed. It’s a simple mission, but a good choice for this story: reasonably mysterious, but not too complicated, allowing plenty of room for character moments and focus, including snappy dialogue and shoe jokes.

The art is colorful and larger-than-life, globe-trotting to support the story. It’s been a while since I’ve seen work by McManus, and his art is better than ever. It’s a little more streamlined, a little less lumpy, and so easy to read that the story flows through. I quite enjoyed the journey, and I hope we see more of Cinderella’s adventures.

This graphic novel was previously published as a six-issue miniseries (which is what I based this review on) and will be available in early August. It can be ordered through the Amazon link above or through your local comic shop with Previews code MAY10 0268. (Thanks to Caroline for the suggestion.)

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