Tired of Negativity? So Is KC

KC’s latest Westfield column sounds a clarion call for positivity after exploring the nature of imagination and a fascinating journey through places in rock music. Check it out!

One Response to “Tired of Negativity? So Is KC”

  1. Tim O'Shea Says:

    Bogdanovich is a great interviewer, documentary maker and sometimes actor (though the less I know about his personal life the better…). Great column, covering a great deal of ground, as usual, KC. I heartily recommend to you last year’s “Always Been There: Rosanne Cash, “The List”, and the Spirit of Southern Music” by Michael Streissguth–about Cash’s recording of her most recent album partially inspired by a musical list her father gave her as a child. While documenting the downturn in the music industry to a certain extent, it is uplifting from a creative perspective.




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