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Even Blu-ray fans prefer DVDs in some cases. This one posts seven ways in which DVDs are a better choice. Some are obvious — Blu-ray still costs more, the players aren’t as widespread as DVD players — but some I weren’t aware of, such as how Blu-rays don’t remember where you stopped watching the way DVDs do.

More interviews should have interruptions. Laura Hudson talked to Colleen Coover, and some of her Periscope Studio mates interject. You’ll also learn how to properly learn and draw anatomy.

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  1. James Schee Says:

    I have a Blu-Ray player and I love it, yet I’m not buying that many Blu-Ray movies.

    One thing I looked at recently was the Toy Story movies re-release. On DVD I could buy both movies in one package for $19.96 before sales tax. At the same store on Blue Ray I had to buy them separately, in Blu-Ray/DVD Combo packs for $24.95 each.

    The better picture and sound quality isn’t worth more than twice as much in price as DVD to me anyway.

  2. Thom Says:

    Of course, one of the erasons is: Piracy is easier with DVDs.

    “such as how Blu-Rays don’t remember where you stopped watching the way DVDs do”

    Some don’t. Some do. For example, ABC shows have various watching options. If I choose season play on a Lost Blu-Ray? It remembers the precise moment I left off-it even tells me what time has elapsed on the menu before it starts. The article actually notes this as well. It says it doesn’t always do this. It’s a pretty minor inconveniece though.

    The “you can’t end it to non-geek friends” thing… I admit, since I tend to loan DVDs to friends who live far enough away, that means I can go for a up to a year without a movie…so the fact that I am not wondering when I am getting my blu-rays back…

    As far as the price point? It’s not hard to find Blu-Rays under $20 already. You just have to pay attention. Plus, I usually pay less for the blu-ray than the special edition 2 DVD sets these days.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Well, depends on what you’re calling piracy. I think I should have the right to make a backup copy of a DVD that my kids are going to watch, for example, so they can trash the copy instead of the original. I also should be able to copy a DVD to my laptop hard drive when I’m traveling. U.S. law and copyright owners disagree with me. :)

    Darn, I didn’t want to start that debate again! Anyway, I found the perspective interesting, from someone who had used and clearly cared about both formats.

  4. Thom Says:

    True, but his point was definitely not referring to making personal backups. He clearly was talking about piracy. ;)

    Hey, I’ve used both formats, and the only one I can honestly agree with is that one. Yeah, it is easier to rip off DVDs. :)

  5. ~chris Says:

    I’m interrupting the comments about Blu-Ray/DVD to comment that one would need to use “awesome” a lot to describe Colleen Coover’s work. I too would love to see it if she & Paul did “Lois Lane, Intrepid Girl Reporter.”

  6. Johanna Says:

    Oh, yes, that would be a wonderful comic! Heck, I hope for more Banana Sunday.

  7. Thom Says:

    Chris what does that have to do ith this po-oh wait. Nevermind. I would want to read that comic as well. :)




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