Tokyopop’s Dreaming to Become Movie

Tokyopop has announced a deal (link no longer available) to make a live-action movie of The Dreaming, Queenie Chan’s OEL manga series about a mysterious boarding school in the Australian wilderness.

The Dreaming cover

This “manga graphic novel series” (as the press release has it) originally ran three volumes, although Amazon has a listing for a Dreaming Collection due at the end of August. It sounds like Tokyopop plans to put out a single-volume omnibus of the story.

Much emphasis is made in the announcement of the Australian connections, from Chan being a Sydney native to the “rich setting for spooky stories” of the Australian bush. Funding is also provided in part by Australia’s producer’s offset. The movie is due in late 2012 after production takes place next year.

I’d go see it. After I quit reading the series, I’d like to find out what was really going on at that mysterious boarding school.

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