Three Last Thoughts on To Terra MMF

It’s the last day of the To Terra… Manga Moveable Feast, and it’s ending on a high note.

First, I was honored to participate in Ed’s Manga Out Loud podcast on the book along with MMF host Kate Dacey, David Welsh, and Vertical marketing Director Ed Chavez, live from Japan! (Modern technology still astounds me, at times. Sitting in my kitchen, talking to (and recording!) friends from all over the world, was kind of mind-blowing.)

Also, Kate has posted her thoughts on work by Moto Hagio, another creator who was considered one of the “Magnificent 49ers”, female manga artists working about the same time. I found Kate’s thoughts on identity and memory (expressed in both her review and the podcast) very enlightening. It explained to me a convention used in such shojo as Kitchen Princess, where a young, usually orphan, girl, is seeking her future based on figuring out the full meaning of a past misty memory. I always thought that seemed a little hinky and ridiculous, but Kate made the connections and symbols clearer to me.

Update: Ok, three. Kate also posted a discussion roundtable that took place in email that sums up a lot of the critical thinking about the To Terra… books in this MMF. She invites everyone to add their thoughts, and I’d love to see more reactions as well.

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