Does Manga Have a Digital Future?

As part of a bigger conversation we were having, Ed Sizemore and I wound up talking about digital manga and possibilities for the future. (Well, mostly, I was ranting at Ed, who was kind enough to listen.) We’d love to hear your thoughts, either here, or over at Manga Out Loud, Ed’s podcast site. Among the topics we cover:

  • Praise for and Rin-Ne, Viz’s free online samples
  • Brief mention of Netcomics and pay manga chapters
  • Why free online samples make life easier for reviewers
  • Anticipation and chasing the next new thing
  • OneManga’s ranking as one of the top 1000 internet sites
  • What publishers should do about scanlation sites
  • How to price online comics
  • Why we need a standard online comic format
  • How publishers have things backwards in how they treat customers
  • Will online comics drive development away from graphic novels and back to shorter serials?
  • The problems of storage of long-running series
  • Online comics as rentals instead of purchases
  • Re-readability

My apologies for the slight echo-y nature of my kitchen, where we were recording.


  1. The sound quality is my fault. I should have had the mic better positioned to pick us up equally. I was really loud and you were really soft. So in leveling us out I ended up with that echoy effect. I’ll do better next time.

  2. great topic….
    i just got my ipad and was wondering….
    – where are the digital manga? i was hoping to buy some viz digital comics like pluto or one piece.
    – yeah , i agree that we should one standardized digital comics format…right now, its all over place….

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