KC Looks Ahead at August

KC’s latest Previews column, posted at the Westfield Comics blog, contains my favorite joke of his yet.

He’s adopted a new “10 Things” format to highlight, yes, ten things coming up in a couple of months in comics. This month, he’s focusing on upcoming books, one of which is Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead, a history of those who worked on National Lampoon, not, as KC put it, “four of the dwarves from Marvel Comics’ upcoming adaptation of Snow White as written by Mark Millar.”

Plus, KC has recommendations on what to do during light ordering months and an explanation of why he’s put DC Comics in time out. Feel free to comment on his thoughts and suggestions, either there or here.

One Response to “KC Looks Ahead at August”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Hah had to go read the National Lampoon joke in context to get.

    I’m kind of with KC in just seeming to expect the worst from DC. Am I alone in not being too excited by say… the JL Generation Lost mini that has my favorite cast of Justice League characters (sadly minus Ted Kord and Ralp and Sue) as stars.

    Usually the team together like this should make me excited, but DC’s track record recently has me instead wondering if they aren’t all in the same mini so they can all be killed off(likely as graphically and disturbing as possible) at the same time.




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