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After talking about manga’s digital future this week in a podcast, Ed and I went on to discuss the manga industry overall. We spend about a half-hour talking about recent changes in the manga industry, especially the CMX shutdown and changes at Viz. I really enjoyed the conversation, and next time I will let Ed talk more.

(Speaking of the CMX closure, Dave Carter predicts more changes to come at DC, the company, based on that change. I’m not sure he’s right — I think it would take a lot to shut down WildStorm, for instance, given who started it — but it’ll be interesting to see which additional changes will happen, because I agree with him that CMX is likely not the last.)

The next Manga Moveable Feast has been announced … only for June, it’s going to be a Manhwa Moveable Feast, covering comics from Korea. When I previously reviewed the Color TrilogyThe Color of Earth, The Color of Water, The Color of Heaven — I found it old-fashioned in story, but with lovely art. I’m not sure what more I have to write about it, but this will provide an excellent excuse to reread it and see what it says to me know.

I really enjoyed reading Library Wars. So did Tangognat, so much so that she’s giving away a copy. Leave a comment per instructions for your chance to win.

I would subscribe to my local newspaper if it told all its stories in comic form. This manga newspaper is published online and employs “more than 100 manga artists to cover breaking stories, updating 10 or 15 times a day.” That’s one interesting source of employment for artists.


  1. Just a quick note: While Matt, gary and I are certainly open to publishing classic manga, we don’t see what we’re doing as “legacy publishing” — Wandering Son is fairly contemporary, and we’re currently chasing down other contemporary work as well.

  2. Oh, I’m glad to know that. Thank you!

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