The Sixth Gun #1

When I looked at this title as part of Free Comic Book Day, I blew it off because it was a supernatural western, which I assumed I wouldn’t like. That was wrong. After hearing good things about it, I took another look, and I’m glad I did.

The Sixth Gun is a mystical artifact, now being sought by various parties, that can only be held by one person at a time. A young woman has just inherited the gun after her preacher father’s violent death. These kinds of objects, as seeker Mrs. Hume points out, outlast the puny human lives of those that temporarily possess them, which gives you some idea of how likely some of these characters are to survive the events we’re watching. Drake Sinclair is the other primary character, a lying opportunist who’s out only for himself.

This has the potential to be an entertaining quest, just based on the detail put into the background and the depth of this world. It’s clearly been well-thought-out. When an investigator is summing up his search to his client, for example, the various descriptions and images are creative and set the stage appropriately, even though they’re mostly throw-away (I’m assuming). “Screaming Crow’s Head, as we suspected, was a fake… just a few strands of hair pasted to an old, dried-up apple,” runs the caption over a picture of a stiff-necked, mustachioed and string-tie-wearing detective as a crazy-eyed, long-haired mystic hovers behind.

It’s these images that kept me interested, such as the Gallows Tree, a creepy, twisted growth that’s filled with hanged corpses that prophesy if you approach them at midnight. There’s a lot to be unpacked here, full of intriguing atmosphere. Also, no one does what they say they will, so no one can be trusted. Oh, and there is a monastery full of priests with a steampunk machine gun, for those who love those kinds of action high concepts.

You can read the issue online (use the preview link), or the regular issue will be available at comic shops on July 14.

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