Warner Archive Adds TV Shows to Made to Order DVD Program
June 3, 2010

First, Warner Archive began selling made on demand DVDs of classic films that weren’t likely to receive a mass DVD release. Then they added lesser-known or fan favorite modern movies to their direct-to-customer online store.

Now, they’ve branched out into TV shows, with The New Adventures of Robin Hood, a four-disc set of season one for $35. This 1997 show originally ran on TNT for four seasons, so if there’s demand, more may be coming. I’d never heard of the show before, so I’m not a customer, but the idea of Warner making more of its TV production history available is exciting.

This isn’t the first they’ve done — that would be Eleventh Hour, a more recent CBS show — but it’s promised to be the first of “several exclusive TV releases this summer”, so I’m curious to see what’s coming up.

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