Heroes Con 2010 Day 1

A fabulous show, marred only by a hotel not ready for THAT many people who only wanted rooms with two double beds. (I tried to check in at noon, again at 3, and finally made it at 5 PM. Since I’d been up since 5 AM and only got 5 hours of sleep before that, this made me grumpier than maybe it should have.)

But let’s concentrate on the positive. I barely made it down three aisles of the show floor today because I kept getting distracted bumping into old friends. Heroes Con is like a family reunion, where you see people you haven’t seen for a year or ten, and everyone’s happy to see you again, catching up like it’s only been a few weeks. I love this show. I love the mix of exhibitors and artists and vendors. I love the relaxed feeling, with time to browse and chat.

Cool Things I Bought

I love that I’ve spent plenty of money already on things I wanted, and half of it wasn’t on comics. I’ve got two new t-shirts. The first, by Rich Faber, I’ve wanted for two years: it’s called Drama Queen, and it looks like this (right) on royal purple.

Comic Queen

The second, by Andy Runton at Top Shelf, looks like this (left), only on lavender. (I just realized that this makes my fourth Owly shirt, after the first edition pink one, the pink-on-white, and the actual Owly brown on olive. What can I say, Owly is adorable.)

But my favorite bit of new adornment is a clever little bracelet made in gum wrapper fashion from comic book pages. Mine has a little head of Brainiac 5 on it. I’ve asked the woman who made it to let me know when her etsy site is available so you can see them for yourself.

I’ve also picked up some great reading. Steve Lieber and Jeff Parker were kind enough to sign a copy of Underground for me. If you haven’t read this exciting story of caving adventure, you should. It’s gripping storytelling and tour-de-force artistry in portraying such an unusual environment.

I’m also looking forward to reading the Immonens’ new Moving Pictures, which I picked up at Top Shelf’s table. Great timing on that release – very convenient for me!

I bought the Podcast Companion from TwoMorrows, since I’ve enjoyed what I’ve tried of this medium and want to learn more.


Just a few tidbits today, and the first is something I’ve been waiting a long time to hear. TwoMorrows is doing their first Modern Masters book featuring a female artist. Their Jill Thompson volume should be out in early 2011. I can’t wait to see it!

Gene Gonzales let me know that, as of June 18 (two weeks from today), he’d have been posting at his daily sketch blog for 900 days straight. That’s a pretty impressive track record!

IDW announced that they’d be making Jeff Smith’s Bone and RASL available digitally on the PSP, a successful outlet that few others are pursuing.

For those worried about the feasibility of print, don’t worry. I saw plenty of new and young self-publishers with single comic issues for sale. It’s still easier to gamble $3 or $5 on an unknown comic that looks intriguing than $15 or $20 on a graphic novel if you’re on a budget. (And who isn’t?)

This isn’t really news, and I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture, but my new favorite costume showed up at this show: a guy in a sharp suit, shades, and a glowing blue disc stuck on his chest. It’s Tony Stark!

Links to Check Out

While cleaning up the website recently, I found some broken links for Subculture, an indy comic series from a few years ago. So I was pleasantly surprised to round a corner at the show this afternoon and find a booth for the title. They’re now a webcomic, updating twice a week.

David McAdoo has a new graphic novel called Red Moon, a quest story featuring two dogs. There aren’t any previews I could find at the website, but the blog link has a little more information.

I enjoyed speaking with Robert James Luedke about his Eye Witness series, a set of Christian graphic novels that I’m hoping I can talk Ed into reviewing here. I appreciated the way he aimed to move beyond the passion story into covering the book of Acts.

Terrific Conversation

I had wonderful talks with the following people, too. Thom Zahler showed me his process for working on Love and Capes, from his pre-planned four-panel grids to his figure work before adding in the computer backgrounds.

Erika Moen and I had a fascinating discussion about stupid people on the internet and the need for more positivity in promoting comics to society at large. I mean, why spend limited space talking about the bad things comics do when everyone already knows that, when there are so many great works available, more than at any time in history?

(We were talking so much about so much interesting stuff that I lost my voice. But I found it again after taking a mid-show break, handling the hotel room, and changing shirt and shoes. Much recommended new con strategy!)

The Lesson of the Con

This convention has been about taking it as it comes, stopping and enjoying the moment, with great conversations, paying attention to where I am instead of chasing the next thing. I’m letting it flow like a river, and that was brought home to me sitting in the Westin bar next to the creek that runs through it. What a great symbol for how to enjoy this wonderful convention!

5 Responses to “Heroes Con 2010 Day 1”

  1. Ed Catto Says:

    Love your “lessons of the Con”, Joanna. I should take that to heart all the time!

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  3. Sandy Jarrell Says:

    Sorry I missed you, Johanna!

  4. Johanna Says:

    Oh, me too! You’re one of the people I look forward to bumping into every year. But this year seemed a bit bigger, so some people I never saw.

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    […] my mentioning I got a bracelet made out of recycled comic books at Heroes Con? I just heard from the creator, Mimi Layton. She’s now posted some of her crafts at etsy.com, […]




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