Masters of Manga Interview Book Planned

Translator Marc Bernabé (Japanese in Mangaland) wants to write a book of interviews with manga creators, and he’s launched the Masters of Manga website to make it happen. He’s already interviewed 26 creators, including (names in Japanese order):

  • AKAMATSU Ken (Love Hina, Negima!)
  • AOYAMA Gōshō (Detective Conan (Case Closed), Yaiba)
  • HAGIO Moto (The Heart of Thomas, The Poe Clan, They Were Eleven)
  • KISHIRO Yukito (Gunnm -Battle Angel Alita-)
  • MAKI Miyako (shōjo and josei manga pioneer)
  • MATSUMOTO Taiyō (Tekkonkinkreet, Number 5, Takemitsu Zamurai)
  • OHWADA Hideki (Legend of Koizumi, Mobile Suit Gundam-san, UnP-sensei)
  • SAITŌ Takao (Golgo 13, Survivor, Onihei Hankachō)
  • TATSUMI Yoshihiro (A Drifting Life)
  • UMEZU Kazuo (The Drifting Classroom, Orochi, Makoto-chan)
  • URASAWA Naoki (Monster, 20th Century Boys, Yawara!, Pluto, Billy Bat)
  • YOSHIZAKI Seimu (Kingyo Used Books)

He plans to conduct many more interviews over the next two years and to find a publisher interested in the project. (Even more impressive to monolingual me — he’s doing this in English, even though he’s a native Spanish speaker.) His website features a couple of interview video clips as samples, so whether or not the book happens, if he keeps updating, it looks like he’s created a neat resource site.

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