Coming Up: Marvel Comics Due August 2010

Wow, I was dreading this slog through Previews (as I do every month, readers beware), when in the first few pages, I saw something exciting that I hadn’t already heard about. That’s rare and encouraging.

Spitfire #1

Spitfire #1

Spitfire #1 (JUN10 0518, $3.99) is a one-shot about Lady Jacqueline Falsworth, vampire, and guest-star Blade. I loved seeing the two interact in Paul Cornell’s Captain Britain and MI: 13, but I wouldn’t be interested now if Cornell wasn’t writing this one too.

When does the Deadpool joke run out, please? Four books plus an additional 100-page special just seems ridiculous. Maybe that’s part of the gag. Or Marvel thinks it’s printing money, whatever.

There’s something poetic about Spider-Girl: The End! (JUN10 0551, $3.99) featuring a clone of the title character, since that’s how that whole alternate universe began, spinning out of the much-despised Clone Saga. For them to finally kill this zombie title, Tom DeFalco’s contract must be up.

Invincible Iron Man #29

Invincible Iron Man #29

I think I’m actually enjoying the relaunched Avengers titles, but I’m behind on reading them, so I’m not sure. (Oh, and Thunderbolts, too.) Anyway, the way comics today are written, I need to give them more than one issue to get a feel for the approach and characters. But I’m positive about them, and looking forward to reading more. Nifty!

It’s also kind of neat that the catalog page for Captain America #609 (JUN10 0572, $3.99) has a “Nomad: Girl Without a World” promo logo for the backup story. I like her, and I like the way Sean McKeever writes her. Marvel’s newer, younger generation characters (I don’t want to call them teens, because that never bodes well) are really interesting to me. Which feels kind of strange but refreshing.

I was thinking of trying Invincible Iron Man #29 (JUN10 0598, $2.99), because it promises a new identity for Rescue (the Iron Woman), and then I noticed the cover. Where the artist, Salvador Larroca, has drawn the female Iron Man armor curved around her thighs so it can gap at her crotch. This is not how metal should work. Unless Tony is even more of a twisted fetishist than I thought.

Are there any rules for content for Previews? Because I really didn’t need to see hero heads on sticks as the centerfold promoting Marvel Universe vs. the Punisher. Didn’t they do that already? Only without being quite so explicit?

I’m not going to buy any of the Exiles Ultimate Collections, especially not starting with the fifth of six, but seeing this listing did remind me how much I missed the series. I know I shouldn’t be in the audience for a book of alternate realities, but I liked it for just that reason — I didn’t have to know ongoing continuity, and it had some playful characters that were all the more appreciated for being put in often grim surroundings.

Marvel certainly has some weird collected book choices, don’t they?

5 Responses to “Coming Up: Marvel Comics Due August 2010”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    Paul Cornell back on Spitfire? I am there.

  2. James Schee Says:

    I loved the Spitfire character when I first saw her in Brubaker’s Captain America, so I’ll have to look for that.

    Oh and I agree with you on how Marvel’s younger characters are so entertaining. I think its because Marvel isn’t afraid of youth characters, while ahem some companies seem to be going out of their way to off kids in most grisly fashion.

    I got a chance to read some of the recent Marvel stuff, like the Heroic Age one shot and first issues of Avengers and Secret Avengers. I was very impressed at the quality (having not read much in a while) and that they really are playing to the Heroic Age banner.

  3. Johanna Says:

    DC’s petrified of having its characters seem old, I think. They’ve made their youngsters generational, children of the previous heroes, which is more of a problem than just having some new, less related kids.

    And yes, brighter, more optimistic stories are just what I need as well.

  4. Dwight Williams Says:

    I have to admit that I find the helmet design for the Rescue Mk. II suit an improvement. The pointy chin and “scowl/teeth” effect did not quite work for me. Changing the colour scheme to more closely match Stark’s suit of the moment…not so sure about.

  5. Johanna Says:

    Keeps the suits as similar as possible makes sense when it comes to keeping a part inventory and doing maintenance and support for what are essentially giant flying computers… but making I’m thinking too hard about this. :)




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