Glee DVD Sets Confusing
June 16, 2010

First, it was the growing backlash about the season finale. Now, I’m pondering whether I’m going to bother buying the Glee DVDs coming September 14.

When we bought the first half-season, its list price was $40, but we paid something like $25. And they were promising a discount on the eventual full season set. But now… that season set is listed at $60 (currently $39 on Amazon), with only a $10 rebate.

At least, they have announced a matching volume 2 DVD set, but it doesn’t have any of the extras. It’s also $40 ($28 on Amazon).

So let’s see what all this adds up to. If I just go for the bare-bones volume 2, I’ll have paid a bit over $50 total. And I like extras. But for me to get the full season set, it would be $25 + $39 – $10 = $54. Which works out about the same, plus maybe I could sell the original and cut that down a bit.

The bigger mistake is that Fox is making me think way too hard about all this. The less customers have to think, the happier they are, and the more likely they are to give you money. Once I have to stop and do math, then I start wondering if it’s worth it at all. Have I enjoyed these 9 episodes enough to go through this trouble? Maybe I should skip the whole thing.

Update (6/26/10): Apparently, Fox has changed its mind — the Volume 2 half-set will have extras after all (although not all of them). Smart move. No point in annoying your most dedicated fans by making them feel taken for granted.

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Nick writes:  

Glad I’m not the only one frustrated by this. My wife and I were disappointed with the extras on the first half-season set and would like more, but even though you’ve done the math for me, I find myself too annoyed to invest in the set.

The general impression that the studio wants to milk me for all they can get doesn’t warm me to their product. Nor does it help that many of the final episodes were exceedingly preachy (“handicapped people have it worse than you, so cheer up!”). I’m sad to say I’ve cooled to a show that was so refreshing last fall.

Johanna writes:  

I think the most disturbing result of all this “piracy” hoo-hah is how producers now view potential customers so negatively and combatively. It’s as though they’ve concluded we’re all thieves — instead of giving us what we want to buy at a fair price, they’re now resorting to gimmicks and complicated deals to “force” purchases, which leaves everyone with a bad taste.

Although it is tough to keep a good show great — maintaining quality in the face of declining attention spans is difficult.

James Schee writes:  

You know I don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire episode of Glee. I usually tend to be flipping channels, stop on it to watch a great musical number, it goes to commercial and I flip channels mening to come back but never do.

Johanna writes:  

That’s kind of how Glee is structured — whatever is needed to get between the cool numbers.

Thom writes:  

Yeah…as much as I love Jane Lynch…I have found Glee hard to get into.

Jason1749 writes:  

I uynderstand your point that this is a pretty bad way to go about this. This is why I never buy TV series until 6 months to a year after release, by the holidays the 2 volumes will be marked dow to aroun $15 each with the full season probably at $25 making any decision easier. That said, I’m not a huge Glee fan, so I don’t have the “gotta have it now!” compusion with it.

Johanna writes:  

That’s a good reminder that patience is rewarded. I need to develop more of that habit.

FlashForward: The Complete Series » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

[…] Fox finally came around and did the right thing with a similar Part 1/Part 2 situation with their Glee DVD releases. But then again, Glee is a successful show, one that Fox successfully supported and publicized. […]

m mathewson writes:  

I am so confused. Love the show, but not sure what dvd sets I should buy and what not to buy. Why cant they keep it simple Season 1, Season 2, etc. I dont have time to check out each cover and check out which part of what season i have or dont have. Trying to explain to family and friends what part I need next is impossible. I hope they take notice and change some things


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