Phrase of the Day: Graphic Novel Serial

I got a press release that, I’m guessing in an attempt to use current buzzwords, referred to their webcomic as a “graphic novel serial”.

I’m always glad to hear that cartoonists are thinking ahead to the long story, because I think it makes for a better reading experience, but that seems to minimize the webcomic experience they’re trying to provide.

Also, bravo to them for including a link at the very top of their email that gave the site location of their press release. Every PR should be available on your website before you ever sent it out. However, I’m not linking to the project because it’s an ugly comic that uses 3-D rendering models badly and they got “its” wrong whenever they used it in the press release. (I’m a grammar purist, sometimes.)

2 Responses to “Phrase of the Day: Graphic Novel Serial”

  1. Howard Says:

    “Every PR should be available on your website before you ever sent it out”

    Why? It seems pretty off-topic for a comics site, and might spoil the aesthetic.

  2. Johanna Says:

    If you’re sending out a press release, you should have a copy available for me to link to at your site, so I can send readers to it. And it should be available as soon as I get the email and click, so I can write about it just then if I want. Put up a news section on your site, and archive everything you think is worth notifying the press about.




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