Comic Book Crafts

Remember my mentioning I got a bracelet made out of recycled comic books at Heroes Con? I just heard from the creator, Mimi Layton. She’s now posted some of her crafts at, so if you’re interested, you too could have a comic book bracelet or earrings or even a bowl. She also makes other kinds of jewelry.

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  1. Sam Kusek Says:

    That is a really nice bracelet!

    There is a wonderful amount of comic book crafting going on out there. I own a Jack Kirby’s The Thing themed wallet from a site called They are reasonable priced and very well made, offering quite a range of character choices.

    In addition, I have been experimenting with taking panels from Shonen Jump and turning them into Business cards! You can see the results to my work over at my art blog,

    Comics were made for crafting!





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