I Am a Bad Fan Customer: Love and Capes Misprint

I was looking forward to the release of the second Love and Capes collection, Going to the Chapel, which reprints issues 7-12. However, author Thom Zahler has mentioned that the book has a misprint. Pages 120 and 121 are reversed.

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Going to the Chapel
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Although I was planning to buy a copy, now, I’m rethinking. I already own the issues, some of which are signed, I think. There’s no extra material that I’m aware of, so I wouldn’t be upgrading. (Although Thom also says that there was a word balloon glitch in issue #10 that is fixed in this collection.) I don’t want to buy a known error copy, especially since there’s a possibility of a later reprint with the order corrected.

Although that will only happen if there are enough buyers to sell through this print run, and I don’t like the karma of hoping other people buy something I know is flawed (in an admittedly minor way). Plus, IDW isn’t very good about keeping books in print sometimes, so waiting may mean I miss out, or have to pay inflated prices later.

Yet $20 is a noticeable amount to pay for something I already have, especially when it’s not a clear upgrade. I don’t understand why the publisher is releasing a copy with a known error, either. But I love the series so much, and I want to see it continue and thrive. So I probably should go ahead and buy it, and think of it as a donation to support a creator whose work I adore and a chance to own a unique copy. Decisions, decisions.

I guess this is another example of how any speed bump to the habit of buying is a bad thing. Consumers who stop and think may wind up mired in all kinds of factors irrelevant to the key question: Do I want this book now? In my case, the answer is no, not right this minute. I’m going to think about it some more, maybe try to see a copy at some of the conventions yet to come this year. If I was a better true fan, this wouldn’t bother me.

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  1. Joshua Macy Says:

    If it’s just two pages out-of-order, I’m buying it. Misprints are a fact of life in publishing, so unless it’s going to ruin my enjoyment I’m not going to make a big deal of it.

  2. Tim Rifenburg Says:

    I picked up this years Free Comic Day issue and loved it. I had planned on checking the series out based on your reviews. Once I read the FCD edition I was kicking myself for not picking up with the series earlier. I bought the 1st trade and I planned on getting the 2nd one. I don’t think the mistake will stop me from getting the 2nd trade. I want to see all the events leading up to the weding and see the wedding as well. Fun and sweet series.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Tim, you should definitely go ahead, especially if you haven’t read those stories yet. I probably should go ahead, too. There’s enough junk out there that I do want to reward the good stuff.

  4. DanielBT Says:

    I’m something of a perfectionist myself. If a page of a comic is out of proportion to the rest, it ruins my enjoyment for the comic overall. I still have a Dirty Pair collection that had about 10 pages of the second issue accidently moved to the 3rd issue. It wasn’t until I did some self-homework that I figured out why I had trouble understanding what was going on.

    It’s why I haven’t bought Super Spy and Stagger Lee. There was a page where the Nazi swastikas were facing the wrong way in Super Spy, and there was a page of a shootout in Stagger Lee where a piece of furniture was shouting.

  5. Kurt Busiek Says:

    >> There’s no extra material that I’m aware of, so I wouldn’t be upgrading. >>

    Depends on what you consider extra material. Ann and I wrote an introduction, and Thom designed it up all gorgeous. So there’s that, for whatever it’s worth.

    Oddly, I saw the announcement and what I reacted to was that the pages reversed are on the same spread. If it had been pages 121 and 122, that would be annoying, because you’d have to flip back and forth to read it right, but f both pages are visible on the same spread it doesn’t bother me as much.


  6. DanielBT Says:

    I just remembered another comic that had two pages where the pages were on the wrong pages, JUST like the problem in the Love & Capes reprint. It was the 3rd issue of Dark Horse’s Domu, during the press conference between the police & the reporters.

    When I saw the Dark Horse version, there were some pages where, I prefered the French version due to how your eyes flowed over the panels. It was similar to

    Someone should really relicense that Otomo Manga again.

  7. DanielBT Says:

    … to the essay posted here:

    Sorry, I forgot to post the link before clicking Submit.




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