Coming Up: DC Comics Due September 2010

Why did no one tell me they were launching another try at a Freedom Fighters comic (JUL10 0162, $2.99)? I like those characters. I would think DC publicity would do more about a new launch, especially around this time of year, when patriotism is in, but if I google the title and the writers’ names (Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray), instead I get this article from 3 years ago about the last time that time tried the same idea.

Power Girl #16

Where are the current promo pieces? Between that lack, and the reminder that this concept has flopped several times before, I don’t have high hopes for this title’s longevity. Shame.

The more I see the Power Girl title using standard cruddy superhero imagery — dead women, focus on breasts and hips, covered face (because she’s more interesting to the reader as a body than a character), darkness, shock, sadness, as shown here — the more I miss the fun and humor and good spirits and action of Amanda Conner’s run on the first 12 issues. I don’t understand why DC thinks it’s necessary for every superhero comic to be so down and depressing. Why not put out some alternatives to expand their customer reach? My only answer: Didio means death. That’s all he knows to plot.

Buy the Power Girl collections, A New Beginning and Aliens & Apes, instead.

If the big news of this week is Wonder Woman’s costume change, why don’t I see it anywhere in this catalog? Will it be gone within two months? Speaking of news making these solicits obsolete, there’s another Zuda book, Celadore (JUL10 0206, $14.99, out October), advertised.

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  1. Graeme Says:

    I’d guess that the WW costume change wasn’t included in the solicits so that it wouldn’t spoil this week’s announcement. The versions of the art that see print will inevitably include the new costume, like the change from this ( to this (

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, wow, I could have gone a long time without seeing that second image. Ick.

  3. James Schee Says:

    Wow I hadn’t heard a peep about Freedom Fighters either, though maybe given that they took Palmotti and Gray of PG is why the lack of focus for their next work.

    I read the 10 page preview of the new WW from #600 off DC’s ao for free. It could be an interesting story from the glimpses. There are quite a lot of “let’s show the action from behind Diana’s posterior” camera angles though.

    They may have covered her up more in the new costume, but I think they must have given her a size too small as its skin tight.

  4. A Useful Column on the Freedom Fighters » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] for providing some valuable background information I didn’t know I was looking for. I was surprised to note last week that DC is relaunching a Freedom Fighters comic in September. Caleb has posted two […]




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