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Who wants to go out when it’s over 100 degrees? Let’s stay in and read the internet.

I totally agree with Kristy Valenti, who’s inspired by a comment of Tom Spurgeon‘s. She says, “I think that if even it there was no one to read or listen, critics would critique comics to the ficus.” I am a critic because I have to be; at this point, I can’t give it up.

The Post Office thinks that the answer to declining sales is to raise prices. Have they been studying comic companies? That’s contradictory to basic economics, isn’t it? More seriously, increased postage prices (including for packages) will also affect physical comic sales, as many are done by mail order. I don’t want to pay $4 for an issue I can buy online used for $1, but if postage costs me another $4, that’s no deal. Could this be another factor driving adoption of digital comics?

JK Parkin interviewed Ron Perazza about Zuda’s shutdown. One correction: Perazza says:

Each ZUDA series is a finite story. None of them were ever planned to go on forever, cliffhanger after cliffhanger. So there are a few series that have already ended and are a complete story; for example, Melody or The Night Owls.

The Night Owls, while a satisfying experience, ends on a cliffhanger. It’s not a complete story.

More significantly, I don’t see anyone tackling what this means financially. DC shut down their free digital comic source in order to sell digital comics. Were they, internally, eliminating the competition?

On the other hand, bravo to Perazza for this, and I hope his bosses (since it’s clear they’re now the ones making the decisions) agree:

Our intention is to settle the outstanding contracts and revert all of the rights and assets for any series that isn’t making the jump into the Digital Publishing program. I can’t get into the specifics because it’s something I still need to discuss with each creative team, but generally speaking I think if those creators want to self publish or find another publisher, then we shouldn’t stand in their way.

2 Responses to “Hot Afternoon LinkBlogging”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    Oh, *temperature*…

    If I didn’t do anything over 100 degrees, I would never leave the house.

    (But as for the topic, indeed, kudos to DC for doing the right thing vis a vis rights.)

  2. Bill Williams Says:

    I did a ZUDA strip with Thom Zahler that did not win the monthly competition. But I did write it as a complete four page story. Thom and I will be selling a print of the single story at the San Diego show this year.

    I have a preview of the print here.




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