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AdDistro Launches

AdHouse Books is expanding with the creation of AdDistro. As they explain,

It’s the befriending of “like” publishers and creators whose work we appreciate. And by befriending, it means that we’ve purchased copies of their work so that you, the reader, can now obtain even MORE quality publications in one easy to use location.

By ordering from one place, you save on shipping. Given head honcho Chris Pitzer’s excellent taste in funnybooks, these new titles should be something to check out.

Bendis and Zac Efron?

Zac Efron’s production company (named Ninjas Runnin’ Wild Prods., har har) has optioned Brian Michael Bendis’ early graphic novel Fire, “about a college student recruited to take part in a special CIA training program.” Bendis is also writing the film adaptation. This strategy is “designed to expand [Efron’s] portfolio to include an action thriller”. Didn’t I see this movie in the 80s when it starred Anthony Edwards?

(In other movie news, I would totally go see Betty White playing God.)

What a Wild History

Thing costume by Gerry Giovinco

The CO2 Comics blog, supporting the comic company formed by Gerry Giovinco and Bill Cucinotta, former publishers of Comico, has been posting historical flashbacks to those earlier days of the 70s and 80s. The latest post covers some very early “how to” information in comic form. You might also enjoy this story of a pretty nifty homemade Thing costume.

How Come the Fans Get It?

Project Rooftop’s latest contest asks for Captain America redesigns. I’m mentioning it here because I was touched by how well they summed up the character:

Regardless of the man in the uniform, Captain America is a symbol as well as a warrior, and should represent America’s best ideals, even when others in power fall short of his moral standards.

Winners will be named and posted next month.

A Very Sad Reminder

On the occasion of the passing of Harvey Pekar, RIP, Sean Kleefeld ponders the nature of success in comics and how it may or may not relate to financial security. I particularly sympathized with this piece of wisdom:

I heard years ago that one of the keys to a life well lived is to take your two deepest passions, make your second-favorite your job and make the other your hobby. If you make your deepest passion your job, you’ll get caught up in the bullshit that inevitably crops up and you won’t be able to see it in the same untainted light. If you reserve that for your second-favorite passion, you can always keep whatever it is that really excites you alive and fresh and energizing.

As someone who does not regret my decision to leave comics as a primary career, I think this is very smart. I knew too many people who worked in comics and whose friends worked in comics and they dated people they met working in comics and on their time off went to conventions and read comics … and I wished they had something else for more balance in their lives. (Or if they did, it was pro wrestling, which is kind of like comics.) You need more diversity to stay healthy. Not to mention, if so much is all wrapped up in comics, then you’re very very afraid of losing your job, the source of so much of your identity, and that makes you too fearful to make good decisions.

My First Kickstarter Promotion

I enjoy reading the webcomic Gentleman’s Gentleman a great deal, mostly because it reminds me of my brother, who has a Southern preppy’s ideas about how to behave and dress and relax. Now, the author, Keith Pille, is asking for print funds for his first collection. I like that his requested amount is reasonable (in the hundreds instead of thousands); that it’s basically a book preorder; and the high-level reward is so well-chosen for the strip (a logo-bearing flask). I think this will be my first Kickstarter contribution.

A Sonic Update

In Robot6’s coverage of the Ken Penders Sonic copyright story, they mention that they asked Archie Comics for comment and got back this short statement from Mike Pellerito

We have been in contact with our legal team and the claims by Ken Penders are completly false. We will be responding through proper legal channels.

Which may mean we won’t hear anything more about it, but the copyright claims will be contested (and likely reversed). Robot 6 also links to a fan who, after much more analysis of the situation, concludes that Penders may have a claim for only one character.

4 Responses to “Business of Comics LinkBlogging”

  1. Joshua Macy Says:

    I can’t read the phrase “Gentleman’s Gentleman” without thinking of Jeeves.

  2. Thad Says:

    “Penders may have a claim for only one character”

    That’d be Hershey the Cat; the thought had occurred to me as well. I remember Ken saying he based her on his son’s cat, meaning if he’d so much as doodled her on a birthday card before submitting her design to Archie he could claim copyright.

    Of course, given that her name could in and of itself create trademark confusion, that opens up a whole other can of IP worms.

  3. David Oakes Says:

    Did you get the flask, though?

  4. Johanna Says:

    No, a little outside my budget. But a terrific idea!




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