A New Manga Reader Tries Shojo in the Manga Out Loud Podcast

Following up our previous discussion, Caroline continues sampling manga in the newest MangaOutLoud podcast. This time, she and I focus on shojo and other titles of interest to women, covering in particular

I found it refreshing and interesting to see these favorite titles through new eyes, and Caroline had a ton of great observations about them. Thanks also to @mizzelle for filling in my memory gap: I was thinking of the Masters of Disaster from Batman and the Outsiders, a pair of villains called Heatstroke and Coldsnap.


  1. You guys should also check out Itazura na Kiss by Kaoru Tada. It is a classic of the genre and only recently available in English. Don’t be put off by the “unfinished” status as it ends at a logical place well past where most stop.

  2. Oh, good reminder, thanks! I enjoyed the first book, and I’ve got the second on my shelf.

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