How to Get More Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga

If you aren’t familiar with the glory that is Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga, you should read Jason Thompson’s recommendation of the book. He explains and illuminates this satire of manga creation, artists, and genres by connecting it to a number of titles and trends.

Ed Sizemore, site contributor, and I think Viz should translate the remaining material and complete the series in English. So does Jason. He suggests

Now that Viz has the SigIkki line for its underground/cult manga, it seems like Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga would be a perfect addition to the SigIkki online comics site. After all, the sequel manga even ran in the Japanese IKKI, so why not? I’ve just submitted a request at the SigIkki contact form.

If more of us did the same, maybe Viz would consider it?

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