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Sauceome by Sarah Becan

I’ve been enjoying reading Sarah Becan‘s I Think You’re Sauceome. It’s a journal comic with a twist — she draws pictures of what she ate that day, with additional comments and thoughts. In addition to the usual motivation for a diary comic — to draw something every day — on her About page, she elaborates:

As long as I’m oversharing, I have a few personal goals for this little project here. First and foremost is to find a way to stop hating myself so much. I know I have some pretty unhealthy ingrained ideas when it comes to self-image, and I had them when I was a size 7, and I know people who are a size 3 who have them too, so I’m pretty sure it’s not about what size I actually am.

Second priority here is to get to a better awareness of what I’m eating and WHY I’m eating it.

As someone who’s similarly dealing with trying to create healthier eating habits (who isn’t?), I sympathize with her struggles about body image and coming to terms with yourself inside and out. It’s honest and touching and something we share, even though we’ve never met. Plus, her meals give me some great tasty ideas for things I could try!

4 Responses to “A Webcomic Worth Your Time”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Thanks for the pointer. I’d only meant to read a few but it was so engrossing that I read the entire thing.

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