Archie Promotes Sonic; No Legal Problems

In the light of claims that a former writer had reclaimed copyrights over a number of Sonic characters and stories, I found this press release last week from Archie rather interesting.

Archie Comics — home to the longest running video game comic ever, Sonic the Hedgehog — heats up July with the continuation of the fiery “Tails Adventure” in Sonic Universe #18, the latest installment of the hit digitally remastered graphic novel series, Sonic Archives Vol. 13, and a chilling “Cold Hard Clash” in Sonic the Hedgehog #215! Plus, the first ever “Tails” fan art competition is under way, and artistic fans across the globe are soaring to new heights!

It goes on to provide story summaries and this mention of the contest:

While readers find “Trouble in Paradise,” Tails has raised the stakes with his very own fan art competition to coincide with the four-part Tails Adventure series appearing in Sonic Universe #17-20. Archie Comics is calling all artists to send in their most exciting, creative, or downright laugh-out-loud drawings of Tails by August 20th to win way-past-cool Sonic prizes!

These publications will be available in comic shops during the month of July. Obviously, Archie isn’t worried by Ken Penders’ copyright claims and doesn’t plan to let them change their publishing plans.

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  1. Thad Says:

    And judging by the cover, it’s a Penders-heavy book — that cover (horrible “NOT FINAL COVER” coloring aside) appeared on issue #50, the conclusion of Endgame, a story which apparently the fans are STILL griping about all these years later.

    (It involved the leading lady getting flung from a rooftop to her death — can’t imagine why that would upset anybody, of course. Turned out she was okay, but Ken claims that was editorial edict and he intended to really kill her off.)

    Everybody’s thrown under “Author” on that Amazon listing, but AFAIK the only other writers in that list are Gallagher, Bollers, and (I think) Taylor.

    Nice to see that all the artists get their due, too, though — even the inkers.




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