SLG Works Consulting Launches

I’m slightly amazed that Dan Vado is still around in the business, because he’s seen and done so much. I would have expected him to decamp for safer ground by now, but thankfully, he’s still here, and he’s making that knowledge and experience available.

SLG Publishing has announced the launch of SLG Works Consulting, a publishing services company.

“Over the years, I have had a number of people come to me for advice or ask me to help them with things as they started their comics publishing ventures,” explained SLG owner and president Dan Vado. “We have always been pretty free with our time, and while I am still open to offering advice, I feel that SLG as a company can be of more use to some people offering up some of our services for hire”.

SLG Works has services available a la carte or all in a bunch, covering everything but content creation. Their options include shipping, storage, barcoding, and order fulfillment, keeping your books safe and getting them to customers. They also can provide pre-press production and design, production consultation, and merchandise creation, among other services. Large publishers may find it helpful to outsource some of these functions instead of staffing up during uncertain times, while small publishers will benefit from not having to make their own mistakes.

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