25 Comics Like Archie

This one’s for KC — I found this list of “25 Books Starring Comic-Book Teenagers Who Tried in Vain to Topple Archie from His Teen Humor Throne” educational. It’s a breezy read, and it sheds new light on what was once a thriving genre, now only left to be represented by the publications of Archie Comics itself. There were a lot of these comics in the 40s and 50s, paralleling the origin of the concept of the teenager. Particularly amusing: the convoluted history of Patsy Walker, from teen book to romance comic to tangled superhero soap opera. Plus, it’s odd how Wilbur is nearly the only one that doesn’t end in a diminutive “e” ending: Buzzy, Suzie, Dudley, Howie, Bunny, and Binky (“the first DC character to debut in the first issue of his own self-titled comic. (Suck on that, Batman!)”) are just a few examples.

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    […] Comics | "25 Books Starring Comic-Book Teenagers Who Tried in Vain to Topple Archie from His Teen Humor Throne." [A Dispensable List of Comic Book Lists, via Comics Worth Reading] […]

  2. DeBT Says:

    Strange that they didn’t include John Stanley’s 13 going on 18 to the list.

    I was a great fan of Seymour my Son, which at the time, was the longest comic story I’d ever read without any chapter breaks. It was also my first forey into seeing an unreliable narrator, so I had to constantly rethink what was being said versus what was actually happening. What made it even more confounding was that sometimes the narrator told the truth at times, so I could never be entirely sure where to stand.

    Up until now, I never even knew what the cover for this comic looked like. It wasn’t even available on the Archie databank. I might post the whole comic at my blog someday. Hopefully, someone will do the 2nd issue as well.




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