Rumors Spread of DC Moving to LA

As Heidi spotted in an LA Times article about how much better DC Comic movies should be doing,

The biggest challenge for Nelson and Johns may be merging the cultures of the Warner lot in Burbank and the offices of DC, which are in Manhattan but may soon move to L.A.

The rumors I’ve been hearing are more specific, saying that this will be happening. Which leads to all kinds of other questions, like who will be invited to go with the offices, and whether long-lasting executives will want to move to the opposite coast when they’ve spent years and built lives in the New York area? Looks like the West Coast Comic Era is coming even more true. And if DC does move, look for even more leadership changes. DC’s publishing connections, which are the only real argument for keeping the company in expensive New York City, are clearly not nearly as important to the new owners/operators as the movie possibilities.

Update: I was reminded on Twitter that some readers may not know that DC’s WildStorm imprint is already based in California, in La Jolla. And DC has already transferred editorial responsibility for its cartoon kids titles (such as Looney Tunes) to them.

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