Digital Harlequin Manga: Angus’s Lost Lady

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Angus Lost Lady

Rebecca appears at Angus’s detective agency with amnesia. It’s raining, she’s missing a shoe, she doesn’t know who she is, but she has a card with his name and address on it in her pocket. He drops her off at a homeless shelter but can’t leave her there when he sees how much she needs help. I don’t know how many people remember the 1991 movie Dead Again, where the same roles were played by Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh, but it’s always been a favorite of mine. I think that similarity of premise was one reason I found this romance (originally published in 1998) so easy to get into.

I noticed, when comparing this Harlequin adaptation to some of the Digital Manga yaoi on my online review copy list, that I found it easier to read on my laptop screen. The serif font used in the word balloons doesn’t always fit the shapes, but it is bold and larger in size, which makes it easy to read without squinting. The fewer panels and simpler images also helped; after all, with a romance, the reader already knows some of what’s going to happen, so they need more guidance than exact pictures. Mostly, it’s faces. The heroine is beautiful and needs to be taken care of; the hero is dark, moody, and manly with a sensitive side — he’s a single father — and a tragic past.

Angus wants to help Rebecca recover her memory and find out who was chasing her, although he knows that when he does, he risks losing her. Thus, the conflict that keeps them from falling in love immediately. It might have been nice if he took her to a hospital at some point, though.

It’s a quick read, breezy and predictable, but it satisfies the formula nicely in getting to its happy ending, with a bit of mystery to liven up the love story.

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